Message from Card. Grech on the occasion of the episcopal ordination of Bishop Marín

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Vatican City, 11th April, 2021


Just as in today's Gospel, the apostle Thomas on his own - separated from the others - could not discern the presence of the Risen Lord but only recognized Him when he was in communion with the college of the apostles, on the day of his episcopal ordination, I wish His Lordship Msgr. Luis Marín de San de Martín OSA, Under-Secretary of the General Secretariat of the Synod of Bishops, that in virtue of his “officium amoris" today entrusted to him by the Church, he accompanies the synodal Church present in the local Churches under the guidance of their Pastors, members of the Episcopal College in communion with Peter, towards recognizing the Risen Lord who bears the wounds of humanity.

Cardinal Mario Grech

General Secretary for the Synod of Bishops