Commission For Theology

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commisssion for theology

Commission For Theology


-        To assist the Secretariat of the Synod in its work.

-        To review the texts and documents and to make suggestions if necessary.

-        To present (theological) proposals for the development of Synodality.

-        Produce and share materials for theological deepening.

-        To collaborate closely with the other Commissions.


-        Plenary of the Commission

-        Groups by continents and regions

-        Thematic sub-commissions:

-        Synodal Bibliography

-        Dictionary of Synodality

-        Canonical Revision

-        Ongoing formation


- H.E. Mgr. Faustino ARMENDÁRIZ JIMÉNEZ (Pastoral Praxis, T. Biblica, Mexico)

- Rev. Fr. Riccardo BATTOCCHIO (Dogmatic Theology, Italy)

- Rev. Fr. Paul BÉRÉ S.J. (Biblical Sciences, Pastoral Theology, Burkina Faso)

- Rev. Fr. Giuseppe BONFRATE (Dogmatic Theology, Italy)

- Rev. Mgr. Alphonse BORRAS (Canon Law, Ecclesiology, Belgium)

- Rev. Fr. Agenor BRIGHENTI (Pastoral and Social Theology, Brazil)

- Rev. Fr. Eloy BUENO DE LA FUENTE (Dogmatic Theology, Philosophy, Spain)

- Rev. Mgr. Piero CODA (Dogmatic Theology, Philosophy, Italy)

- Prof. Kristen COLBERG (Dogmatic Theology, United States)

- Rev. Sr. Anne Béatrice FAYE C.I.C. (Philosophy, Burkina Faso)

- Rev. Fr. Carlos Maria GALLI (Dogmatic Theology, Argentina)

- Rev. Sr. Gill GOULDING C.J. (Dogmatic Theology, Canada)

- Rev. D. Gaby Alfred HACHEM (Dogmatic Theology, Lebanon)

- H.E. Msgr. Flaviano Rami AL KABALAN (Canon Law, Syria)

- Rev. Fr. Thomas KOLLAMPARAMPIL C.M.I. (Patrology, India)

- Prof. Rafael LUCIANI (Dogmatic and Pastoral Theology, Venezuela)

- Rev. Fr. Santiago MADRIGAL TERRAZAS S.J. (Dogmatic Theology, Spain)

- Prof.  Estela PADILLA (Dogmatic Theology, Philippines)

- Prof. Carmen PEÑA GARCÍA (Canon Law, Spain)

- Rev. Fr. Gilles ROUTHIER (Dogmatic Theology, Canada)

- Rev. Fr. Ormond RUSH (Dogmatic Theology, Australia)

- Rev. Fr. Nicholaus SEGEJA M'HELA (Pastoral Theology, Tanzania)

- Prof. Peter SZABO (Canon Law, Hungary)

- Rev. Fr. Christoph THEOBALD S.J. (Fundamental and Dogmatic Theology, Canon Law, Germany - France)

- Rev. Fr. Vimal TIRIMANNA C.SS.R. (Moral and Pastoral Theology, Sri Lanka)          


Coordinator: H.E. Mons. Luis MARÍN DE SAN MARTÍN O.S.A., Undersecretary of the Synod of Bishops