Information and Code of Conduct

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If you are between 16 and 29 you are invited to participate in the pre-synodal meeting. A summary of all the responses from the Facebook group will be included in the drafting document of the final conclusions, which will then be presented to the Holy Father.

Remember that your Facebook profile must be "real and personal", in that it must represent you personally and not a group, institution or cause. The moderator of the group will verify the authenticity of your profile.

The closing date to sign up to the Facebook group is Friday, 16th March. You can only sign up for one language group.

The questions that will be asked during the pre-synodal meeting will be available on the Facebook group on Monday, 12th March, from which point you are invited to respond.

The answers must contain a maximum of 200 words and not include attachments; you can also reply by sending a one-minute video via WhatsApp (+39 342 601 5596). 

Please keep answers relevant to the themes of the questions, using respectful and friendly language. The administrator will remove access to any contributors who do not follow these instructions.