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pre-synodal meeting for young people

19-24 March 2018


We are Stella, Leticia, Giulia, Nelson, Paul and Matthias.

Pope Francis has called a Synod of Bishops to talk about us, the young people of the world. Bishops from every continent will come to Rome in October of this year and will discuss how to accompany us in life, in the faith and in our choices. The Church wants to be near us in life’s concrete moments, in our difficulties and in our aspirations.

Pope Francis said that “all young people have something to say to the Church, to the bishops and to the Pope!” Consequently, he wanted young people to meet before the synod, from 19 to 24 March 2018. We will gather with three hundred delegates from around the world and be able to speak.

You can understand our self-consciousness at standing in that imposing hall to talk to Pope Francis, to the Church and to the world, certain that our words will not be lost, but will become our contribution to the October Synod.

We, therefore, ask your help. How can we, the young people of the world, be heard? How can young people communicate the hopes, fears, grievances and dreams of millions of our peers? Every aspect of life, in every corner of the planet, can be discussed in that hall. Help us achieve this task through this hashtag: #TellItToFrancis.


Part One.

Challenges and Opportunities of Young People in Today's World

We need to know each other as a generation, to find out where we are, to understand what matters and what to avoid, to ascertain differences, accept them and go beyond, to look forward and imagine what awaits us and to find a balance between excessive progress and deep, essential and genuine introspection.

How many times are we forced to ask ourselves #WhoAmI? And who knows how long we will have to ask this question. Many people have shaped our lives; many experiences have defined our identity. Increasing inequality and #differences exist around us, which often cause division and conflicts

Oftentimes, we find ourselves saying that we are the generation of the future. Tomorrow, however, is full of uncertainty and questions. What aspirations and hopes can we cultivate for our #future? In the unconstrained progress in technology, does our #DigitalWorld represent an opportunity or a risk? In the hyper-communicative and hyper-connected world, how can we come in contact with our #InteriorLife and open our heart to the spiritual realm?


Part Two.

Faith and Vocation. Discernment and Accompaniment

The faith, a journey which gives meaning to our freedom, leads to human fulfilment. In particular, faith in Jesus Christ speaks of a humanity that has been touched, indeed lived by God. The consequence of this meeting of the human and divine enthusiastically compels us towards our true good that is unknown to us. Only in personal experience, in a journey, in the intersecting of family bonds and personal relationships is the truth about ourselves revealed, a truth which guides our choices.

Do you have something to say about #Jesus to today’s young people? How do they come to know him and what are their thoughts on him? What are the underpinnings of our lives? What is the hope that makes young people say: #IBelieve?

Can we recognize that each of us is #called to be happy and to achieve something special? Let's try to indicate how the important #choices in our lives take shape. We sense a need for assistance to look outside ourselves. However, to find out what is inside ourselves requires another person’s perspective, a #guide who accompanies us.


Part Three.

The Church’s Formative and Pastoral Activity

In these times, the Church hopes that young people can be true witnesses in proclaiming Jesus to the world, which requires rediscovering and recapturing the enthusiasm of the young generation and creating ways which can make young people leading figures in life.

The basis for this change must be the shared-responsibility of the Church and young people. The Church is asked to devise new approaches and new instruments and forms of involvement, adapted to the young generation, who are asked to participate and add their own characteristic mark.

What is the #Church to do in bearing witness to the Gospel and in acting in a credible way for young people? What manner of life should the Church adopt so that all young people can feel that they are #ActivelyInvolved in it? The Church needs the outlook and sensitivity of young people to faithfully fulfil its mission. What are the #places to encounter young people?

What #proposals move the hearts of young people and set them on the journey of life? What #WaysAndMeans can the Church use to speak authentically about life and about the joy from God-given gifts and communion?




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