The logo of the Amazon Synod and its meaning

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logo sinodo amazonico

A leaf, the green of the forest, an indigenous basket, the cross, a river and the Holy Spirit: the logo of the Synod for the Amazon portrays all the themes around which the appointment willed by Pope Francis scheduled in Rome from the 6 to 27 October 2019. The logo was designed by the Brazilian artist Aurélio Fred.

An image that immediately recalls the richness of the colors of the Amazon, but which also sums up very well those that will be the themes of the Synod wanted by Pope Francis. This is what emerges from the logo created by the Brazilian artist Aurélio Fred about the event of October 2019, for which the Church looks towards.

At first sight it is easy to recognize the image of a leaf. One half recalls the biodiversity of the Amazon and its wealth of natural resources, while the other half reproduces the texture of typical native baskets and the colors of all the flags of the countries of South America, although it is important to note that no one prevails over the others . The unity of the region is also represented by means of a river, a symbol of the journey and the theme of the Synod, which Pope Francis indicated “Amazonia: New Paths for the Church and for an Integral Ecology”. The river arrives at the cross, which identifies all the Catholic Episcopate and the Christians in the world.

The image of the leaf summarizes the main characteristics of the Amazon region, its movement recalls the idea of ​​a flame that represents the Holy Spirit that will guide the Synod Fathers in this historical phase in defining the objective that, according to the words of Pontiff, is to “find new ways to evangelize that portion of the people of God, especially indigenous people, often forgotten and without the prospect of a peaceful future, also because of the crisis of the Amazon rainforest, a fundamental lung importance for our planet.”

The Synod will take place from Sunday 6 to Sunday 27 October 2019 in the Vatican. All the bishops of the 9 countries that make up the Pan-Amazon (Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, Suriname, Guyana and French Guiana) will participate, as well as other bishops representing the Churches of other continents because the Synod wants to launch a message to the whole world.


Source: Mondo Misione - Alessandra De Poli

Traslation: Cesar I.